Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill – Chapter 61

Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill

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Chapter 61: Elena’s Scheme

“You’ve got a smirking face… huh.”

She gets angry every time she remembers it.

Even now, when my father is refusing to acknowledge Albert and is promoting my engagement to the prince, it’s the same.

It’s good that my marriage partner is the prince. Aside from the fact that he doesn’t particularly like me and treats me openly harshly. If I think about eventually becoming a queen, it will fulfill Elena’s self-esteem.

Yes, it’s good to have a marriage partner.

If the prince treats Elena as an obstacle like that, he would ignore Elena no matter who she becomes close to.

It’s not strange for royals to play with fire.

It’s also not strange for a queen’s salon to invite noble men.

Even if the relationship with that noble man becomes too close, as long as the aftermath can be handled, it’s fine.

Elena, who has been influenced by noble education, doesn’t think that’s strange.

Even so, I can’t give up on making my favorite partner mine alone.

“Albert-sama… why didn’t you ask me for help?”

Before I knew it, Albert had become engaged to Linea, the daughter of Count Elvasti.

When I blame my father, he says, “Eventually, you’ll become a queen and you can take Albert in your hands.”

But I know.

The income from the territory didn’t go as well as expected, and it wasn’t possible to provide financial support to Albert’s house.

Even if Elena really liked Albert, it would be quite difficult for the Count’s son, Albert, to propose to the Duke’s daughter…

“Because I am a high-class flower.”

Elena comforted herself in such a way.

And she took out her frustration on Linea, who had gotten Albert.

The woman who had gotten what she wanted.

She must have begged her father, who was said to have no blood or tears, for Albert who she missed.

Of course, Elena did not see the facts. The Count Elvasti’s side would be more likely to grant it, and that’s why Albert’s father brought up the marriage proposal.

Even if the marriage proposal with the prince came up, it wouldn’t be strange for Elena, but the Count’s house, which seemed to be collapsing, couldn’t bring up a marriage proposal to her.

But Elena, who was raised to be a butterfly or a flower in terms of etiquette, and was never allowed to look at commoners, was instilled with a sense of discrimination.

She must come before anyone else, since she is second to the royal family and has a higher status. That’s what Elena, who has lived thinking that way, is filled with the feeling of being outdone by Linea, who is lower than her.

“Why can’t I, with my high status, get what I want?”

“If only Lars-sama weren’t in the way.”

Lars, who holds the right to succeed to the throne, is special even among the Elenas. He is also known to have a deep relationship with the sacred flower and the temple.

What kind of wicked woman would be caught up with such a person like Linea?

Elena sincerely thought so.

“Count Herkuvis seems to have no memory of breaking the engagement. But being taken in by a prestigious house after leaving a notorious one to become a foster daughter… I’m sure she’s manipulating him and they’re talking about getting married. I won’t allow her to be happy like that.”

Elena gnaws on her fingernails while thinking.

She wants to somehow knock that irritating Linea down to the bottom of the earth.

“If I can’t get married… No, if we could just get rid of the thing in the first place…”

However, Elena knows that she can’t take matters into her own hands.

While thinking about whether there was any way, a servant with brown hair entered the room. He is Dior, who has served for many years and is a few years younger than Elena.

He was about to be abandoned by my father because, but because he didn’t like his face. but when I liked his face so much that I took him as my own and he loved me very much.

“Elena-sama, I’m back.”

“Is there anything you can report?”

Elena asks with a sigh. Dior has been searching for Albert’s house for a long time.

Mainly because I wanted to know if Albert was interested in me or if I could turn Albert around.

But in the past few months, there has been no good news. I thought this time would be the same.

“That is… Elena-sama. I have something I would like to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“Someone from the Count Herkuvis house has been coming and going in the western forest of the capital for a while now, and it seems that person has also been coming and going from the Count Elvasti house.”

Elena frowned.

“To the Count Elvasti house? Did you track them?”

“Of course.”

Dior nods.

“I met Count Elvasti… apparently he was talking about something that had to do with the incident three years ago.”

“Three years ago…”

That was the year the Michelia Count’s house fell into ruin.

To put it another way, it was when the Count Allerid family was crushed by the Count Elvasti and Duke Augren families.

“Apparently, the Count Herkuvis family secretly acquired that item three years ago in relation to that incident.”

“…demon beast.”

“Yes, maam.”

Dior bows to Elena.

A demon beast is a beast with greater and higher combat ability than a human.

Elena does not know why such a thing is born, but it is said that demon beasts are secretly collected on the other side of the world and used for various plots.

A demon beast does not easily die when stabbed with a sword. It takes a considerable amount of time and many sacrifices to defeat it, or magic must be used.

In any case, a demon beast existed on the land of the late Count Allerid family three years ago.

“Surely… that means the Count Elvasti family was being supplied with what was needed?”

Demon beasts require special feed to maintain or tame, and it is unlikely that the Herkuvis household, rumored to be in financial difficulty, can continue to provide it.

“That’s why… he borrowed money from the Count’s household to continue your engagement with Linea.”

Rather, it is likely that they received things related to demon beasts under the pretense of borrowing money.

Elena finally understood why Count Herkuvis was determined to continue the engagement with Linea at any cost.

“In that case, there is a way.”

Elena plans in her head.

A plan to save Albert.

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