Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill – Chapter 40

Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill

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Chapter 40: About my plans for the future

“The reason why you are being watched over by this High Priest  Calva is because you have skills.”

“Is it because it would be better for me to belong to the temple…?”

If I borrow the hand of the temple, that’s all there is. If the temple is watching over me, even if my father knows about my skills, it will be difficult for him to use them.

Lars-sama affirmed, “That’s right.”

“There is a significant difference when there is or is not the protection of the temple when you are pinned down. And you don’t want to be used by the royal family, do you? They are probably going to use you up (destroy you).”

“Do I have to be cautious even about the royal family…?”

I was cautious about my father, but I didn’t think about anything else. I just wanted the royal family not to put me in prison because of my skills.

If it became known that I have such skills…

(If I were to be used, it would be as a royal bodyguard or something? It seems tough to follow someone everywhere)

I can’t just follow someone around. I’ll probably hear a lot of bad things about the daughter of the Count Elvasti house being taken into the royal family.

If I’m not careful, I’ll be put in prison as punishment for my actions…and if someone in the royal family accidentally gets hurt, I’ll end up in prison again. That’s too much.

“But why use me up (destroy me)?”

If they just want to use me, I can still understand.

“It’s because Count Elvasti is on bad terms with the royal family. Previously, when the royal family’s debt ballooned, it seems that Count Elvasti charged exorbitant interest and lent money with a rude attitude. At that time, there were also several shady stories that involved the Count, and as a result, the royal family has a negative view of the Count.”

What is my father doing…

Although it is possible to show some flexibility to a certain extent, it’s too much to expect them to tolerate such an disliked attitude and even to silently admit to the wrongdoings.

“Part of the reason the Count has a bad reputation is because the royal family has encouraged rumors about him.”

I nodded in agreement with Asher-sama’s words. That makes sense.

Then Assistant High Priest Calva – a higher-ranked priest than I had expected – interjected.

“By the way, have you confirmed the details of this lady’s skills? If it’s a skill with such subtle details, I don’t see how it can be used, so I’d like to know the details beforehand.”

That’s why, it seems that Assistant High Priest Calva only heard that I have [skills]. Lars replies.

“The details are still unknown. It is certain that she has the ability to keep the people she desires away from her…right?”

I am looked at by both Lars-sama and Assistant High Priest Calva.

I whispered about the skill.

“Well, it’s the ability to block the voices of the people I specify or to block the approach of the other party. And also objects…”

“You can block objects too?”

I nod to Calva-sama’s question.

“…that’s why.”

Asher-sama muttered.

“At the Academy, when a bucket of water was scattered by your side, you seemed to have suffered no harm. Did you “block” the water?”

“Yes, it was like that. If I wished not to get wet right away…it happened.”

“Just by thinking, huh.”

Calva-sama seems to be thinking about something.

“Depending on the situation, it may be useful during the High Priest’s travels…”

It seems that he was considering whether it could be used for work. It is not wrong for him to try to protect the High Priest as an assistant, but I wish he had not spoken out loud.

“I didn’t think you had such skills. It’s like a Block Skill, isn’t it?”


I nod to Lars-sama.

“How is it, Assistant High Priest Calva?”

“I was already planning to accept it because it was a request from Duke-sama, but this is beyond my expectations. However, it will be more useful than just shooting flames. In addition, in terms of the person’s situation and for external purposes, I agree to keep it secret.”

Lars-sama and Asher-sama seem relieved by Calva-sama’s response.

Anyway, since the Assistant High Priest says such a thing, it seems that Lars-sama has a certain level of influence in the temple.

(I’m glad I met such a person…)

And even in a situation where nothing is going well, he is a wonderful person who will help me. I must live every day with gratitude.

“I was told that my father is not aware of my guardianship of the temple?”

“It’s okay. I don’t mind telling him personally, but… It’s not like he can keep a cursed daughter at home, and I was told to do as I liked. Just to be safe, I had someone write a letter for me. However, I think it’s strange to ask you to be a guardian, since the age difference between you is too close for a foster daughter.”

Lars-sama continues, “If you just take care of her, it’s fine.”

“If it doesn’t matter who we put under guardianship, I would like to make sure that she remains in her position as a decree holder and that we can secure the evidence.”

“I see.”

Calva-sama seems to have understood.

He must have received some explanation about my father as well.

“Then, as you have told me, I will take guardianship of the girl. And proceed to adopt her as my brother’s daughter. And if anything should come from her former house, Lord Duke will take care of it.”

(Am I really going to be able to leave my current house?)

I’m so glad to hear that.

No matter how coldly I am treated by this High Priest Calva, if I can become someone other than a member of that household, I feel like I can try my best.

When I unconsciously smiled at High Priest Calva, he looked momentarily flustered and averted his gaze.

(…He doesn’t seem to have any ill will towards me, so it should be okay.)

Besides, I will be living at Lars-sama’s house.

I was trying to avoid the temple, so I was wondering what to do when a priest came out, but this could be a rather good result.

(After all this, am I really just going to eat sweets?)

I, who had this doubt, would find out the details of Lars-sama’s [cooperation] from that day on.

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