Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill – Chapter 22

Although I Am Supposed to Be the Villainess (Planned), I Just Want to Eat Confectionery – I Will Aim for a Peaceful Life with the Block Skill

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Chapter 22: I’m still a little out of my depth.

“Still, why aren’t you at the Count’s mansion? It would have been more convenient to visit there…”

“I’m afraid I can’t answer that question.”

I smile.

“Oh, I see. Because you didn’t come to the Academy yesterday, we were worried that the sacred flower might have had an effect on you, so I asked your housekeeper about your condition. That’s when I found out that you had been moved from the main house.”

So he came looking for me and visited here.

“I apologize for the trouble… I was planning to send a letter to Lars-sama to let him know my whereabouts, as it seems I won’t be able to go to the Academy anymore.”

“You can’t go to the Academy either? It’s unusual for a noble child of the Kingdom of Lexander not to go to the Academy… Are you physically unwell?”

That’s what one would normally assume.

But, can I mention the curse…

(I had planned to build more trust with Lars-sama before telling him about my skill.)

I hesitate to talk about my skill now. And if I say the reason is a curse, which is suitable for my father, they may avoid exchanging with me, who can only cooperate in the study of sweets.

(Well, do they know about the curse?)

“What did the servants say about my moving here?”

“…That it was because of bad relations with your father.”

I can’t help but smile.

The reason I hesitated for a moment was probably because I thought that if I told the truth, they would be hurt.

(If they think so, It’ll give me a little more time)

I answered with such a wish.

“That’s right. From the beginning, my father seemed to have abandoned me … I think you will understand if Lars-sama asks my uncle. There was a little disagreement with my father. I guess he got tired of me and wanted to get rid of me.”

“But that doesn’t mean you can’t go to the Academy.”

Asher-sama knows that almost all noble children go to the Academy. That’s why he will worry.

If I can’t go to the Academy, I may be thought to have some deficiency that is different from other nobles.

In reality, only those who are too weak to go outside due to illness or those who are too badly behaved to be allowed outside cannot attend. 

That’s why I’ve been going to the Academy until now. Because I had no way to leave that house except for getting married. 

But now, I’m fine because I have skills. 

Rather, I’d like to have my engagement dissolved as soon as possible. 

“I am glad for that alone.” 

Because it was my true feelings, I was able to smile with a happy feeling. 

Because I’m relieved to be able to leave the nobles who attend that Academy. 

“So… what do you mean you can’t get married?” 

“Yes. My father will tell the Academy that I’m sick or something. Just because of that, I won’t be seen as a marriage partner by others. And if I don’t go to the Academy for a long time, my current fiancé will have no choice but to break off the engagement.” 

No matter how much a business connection is desired, it is unlikely that a daughter with a disgraceful rumor will be welcomed as a bride. Albert’s father will also give up on me.

Albert’s father will probably give up on me too.

And Albert will deepen his relationship with Michelia…

(Still, what does that person plan on doing? I can’t imagine her being the Maiden of Salvation. Is he planning on making her his mistress after all?)

Is Michelia okay with that?

If she can have a decent life by stealing my fiancé, will she be satisfied?

It’s not something I’m worried about, but…

(In the first place, if I leave early, will she become the Maiden of Salvation?)

I think I should consider this a little.

If that nightmare becomes a reality, all the more so.

If my father leaks information to the neighboring country and carries out the invasion guide, eventually there will be a war.

What should I do then…

(In the worst case, will I have to leak information about the Maiden of Salvation and the sacred flower to someone?)

In that case, I will be pursued and accused as the daughter of my father.

As I was thinking, Asher-sama said after a moment of thought.

“Does your father not care about his daughter? You won’t be able to live here safely.”

He seems to have been worried about my living environment.

He seems gruff, but is he surprisingly worried? That makes me think he’s a little bit cute.

“It’s okay, I have servants.”

In fact, it is because I have skills, no need to protect me.

First of all, I am fine.

What I should worry about is Katie and the other servants.

Can I protect them with my skills? Should I expand the range?

I am about to consider doing it again, but now it is a matter of talking with Asher-sama.

“If you say so… but be careful. There are many thieves who will enter if they know that there are nobles or wealthy people and the security is weak.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

I said thank you and saw off Asher-sama, saying, “If there is anything to contact again, I will show my face.”

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