Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Thief Wants to Join the Party│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

After leaving Ghoul’s room, they take two food breaks before continuing their exploration.

They’ve already done a lot of exploring, but there’s still no way out of the third layer.

“This is a safe zone. It’s a good thing, too. Let’s take a break here.” says Leonhardt

Exploring the third layer, they discovered a room with three walls on three sides, where there were no signs of monsters.

On the right wall was a well pit from which clean water flowed at a rapid pace. The water collected in a basin below and flowed into a drain before disappearing.

There was also a fire pit and three large wooden platforms on which to sit or spread out a sleeping bag.

“What exactly is this room? It’s very well equipped.”

“It’s one of the safe zones of the dungeon—you can be sure there are no monsters here.”

Lysette wondered who on earth could have designed such a room.

Lysette had a strange feeling, but she thought it was okay for Leonhardt to say so.

“The dungeon is a strange place—I’m curious to know what this slab is…. [No Obstacles on the Path of Truth]?”

She read the words written on the sign on the front wall.

“Is it some kind of riddle?”

“There are many traps on the third layer, so it might have something to do with that.

“According to the text, the right way is the one without traps.”

“Most of the traps in the dungeon are cruel and nasty, and many of them are deadly. You should be careful.”

Leonhardt splashes water on his face.

“What kind of traps are there?”

“The tucking trap is a common type of trap—you are suspended with a rope tied around your legs or neck.”

Lysette was shocked. A leg or even a neck can kill you in an instant or slowly.

“Traps, spears and arrows often emerge from the floor, ceiling and walls. I was once trapped in a room when the ceiling collapsed and water poured in, nearly drowning me.”

“I’m surprised you’re still alive after all those deadly traps.”

“No, I died a few times… Not all traps and gimmicks can be disarmed, even by a thief or a locksmith.”

Leonhardt beams brightly. He looks like he’s talking about a good memory.

“However, if a thief is present, the traps can be disarmed more quickly. They are essential for exploring dungeons…”

“Hmm… I wish there was a thief somewhere.”

“…I wonder if we have no choice but to negotiate with another group and let them accompany us.”


—Do we have any leverage in the negotiations? I hope the 300,000 gold I have is enough, but I don’t know what the market rate is for adventurers.

—The only other things I can offer are ingredients.

Leftover mimic and Kraken meat as well as potatoes, onions, flour, butter and cheese from the Church Knight frozen are stored.

“All right, this time we’ll make a stew.”

—Let’s have a meal first and then negotiate later if there is one.

“Could you peel and dice the potatoes, Leon?”


Lysette fries the onions until they are soft before mixing them with the oxtail potatoes and barley. Once the onions are cooked, she kneads them with butter and flour before stretching them with water to make a white sauce.

When the vegetables are cooked, she adds the thawed mimic and Kraken fillets, seasons them with spices and cheese shavings, and grills the top lightly with fire magic.

“It’s ready! Mimic and barley stew are served here.”

The slightly burnt cheese on the top looks nice and stimulates the appetite.


They sit down next to each other at the wooden table and are about to eat when the door to the safe zone opens.

A skinny brown-haired adventurer rushes in, pursued by a horde of zombies, and slams the door firmly shut.

“… Thank God… Hey, don’t open the door for a while, because there are zombies out there!”

With those words, he breathed on his shoulder and walked over to the watering hole to get a drink.

He was a young adventurer about Lysette’s age, about sixteen.

After he finished his drink, he turns his head, and their eyes met.

“…Do you have any room left in your party?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“I am Dee, a thief. Please allow me to join your party!”

【Appraisal】Human. The most prosperous race on the planet.

—Surely not a ghoul or a monster.

She looked at the young thief.

One appeared out of nowhere, and it was so convenient that Lysette suspected a trap and immediately used Appraisal against him.

Leonhardt stood up and confronted the thief, who went by the name Dee.

“We appreciate your offer, but why are you alone? Was someone from your group killed?”

“They are…”

He hesitates.

Lysette is also curious if there are any circumstances that make it difficult to say…. but right now she’s more interested in the stew.

“Let’s have dinner first. Dee-san is welcome to join us.

“You don’t mind?”

“Of course!”

She spoons the stew into a bowl and hands it to Dee.

With a twinkle in his eye, Dee looks at the stew.

“Wow. You can eat so well in the dungeon?! What kind of meat is this?”

“Mimic meat.”

“Mimic? You’re eating a mimic monster?!”

He is dumbfounded, but swallows it anyway.

“Ha~a. I ate it, damn mimic!”

“Do you hold a grudge against Mimics?”

“No one who works as a thief likes Mimics! Nom, It definitely tastes good…”

He eats it like he’s shoveling it down his throat with gusto.

The mimic and Kraken meat are delicious and the oatmeal has a nice crunchy texture. The sweet potato was soft and its rustic flavor harmonized well with the flavors of the stew.

“W-Wow, I really ate it—huh? Did I really eat mimick meat?!”

Dee, who was holding his stomach as if he was full, suddenly came to his senses and covered his mouth in shock.

His face turned all blue, having previously turned red.

“That’s not all! There’s a Krake— mmm mm.”

Leonhardt covered Lysette’s mouth as she tried to tell him that there was also Kraken meat in the stew.

“Are you diving while eating monsters?!”

“Yes! of course.”

She answers, tearing Leonhardt’s hand away.

“…This is crazy…”

The look he gives Lysette and Leonhardt is of a different sort.

Dee jumped up.

“My mistake. I don’t want to bring up the subject of monsters—none of these monsters appeal to me.”

“But didn’t you eat mimic meat?”

“I was cracking up earlier because I was so hungry! Those monsters have hurt me way too many times! I just got back at them!”

Lysette thought that was a strange logic.

It’s just an emotional debate.

“You know, a lot of monsters taste better than mimics.”

“No, I don’t want to know about that world!”

In a full-body rejection, Dee covered his ears and covered his head.

Lysette, as expected, will not impose herself on anyone who does not want to belong.

Just as Lysette is about to give up on the idea of celebrating, the door opens again from outside.

A group of four adventurers rush in after defeating the zombie hordes outside.

“Oh, there’s someone here—Oh! It’s Dee! You parasite! I see you found your next host!”

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