Abandoned Lady Awakened in the Dungeon – Sacred Mark? A True Saint? No I Am Just a Monster Foodie! – Chapter 15

Chapter 15:Miscalculation of Saint Meldiana 【Side:Meldiana】│Read translated stories and daily updates at: Awebstories.com

Time goes a little back.

Meldiana locks herself in a church room after a failed ritual. No one is allowed inside, and she throws everything in the room against the wall in a fit of rage.

—Why? Why? What went wrong? Why is my power weakening?!

Meldiana bit her lower lip. She will not be able to bless the land or restore the barrier if this continues.

If this goes on, she may be unable to continue as the Saint.

—The goddess is dismayed by the people of this land’s lack of faith! It’s not my fault; they deserve it!

Meldiana is not at fault. The people of this country are to blame. everyone but herself. Yes, even the goddess who humiliated Meldiana is now beyond redemption.

“How can I be the only one… That can’t be!”

“Poor thing.”

A man’s voice gently echoes in the room, which should be empty except for Meldiana.

Meldiana quickly turns around.

Meldiana notices a tall figure in a black robe standing beneath her disheveled green hair.

Meldiana’s face, which was previously red with rage, turns pale.

“You… What are you doing here? Get out of here before anyone notices!”

Meldiana gives the order, but the dark elf makes no move to leave, laughing as he removes his hood. His brown skin, silver hair, and silver eyes radiated enchantment.

His well-defined face looked as if it were fake. His long, pointed ears are typical of an elf, and his brown skin is typical of a Dark elf.

“You know, we’re accomplices.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Get the hell out of here! If it was discovered that I was linked to an unholy being like yourself, then…”

The dark elves’ brown skin is said to be the result of being burned by the goddess’s fire. It is an abomination for a saint to have a personal relationship with such a thing.

“Don’t look at me that way. I’m here to help Mel.”

“…Can you help me?”

“Do you know why your saint’s power failed?”

“If you know, then do something about it!”

In the back of his throat, the dark elf laughs gleefully.

“Hehehe. Listen. The reason you couldn’t use the goddess’s power was because her power source was underground.

“…What exactly do you mean?”

“It’s your Onee-sama’s fault.”


When Meldiana shows that she is willing to listen, the dark elf smiles in satisfaction and walks over to her.

“The only thing I transferred to you was the outlet for her power.”

He speaks softly into her ear.

“Your Onee-sama is still the source of your power.”

“W-What do you mean, you didn’t give me the saint’s power?!”

“I’m sorry. The saint is an innate form of the soul that cannot be recreated completely. That’s why I only gave Mel access to the power outlet. So far, that hasn’t been a problem, has it?”

His silvery eyes shone suspiciously.

“But now that your Onee-sama has entered the Dungeon, Saint-sama is in trouble because she can no longer bestow her blessing. It’s a completely different world down there.”

The dark elf smiles smugly.

“Saint-sama is now struggling to get water from an empty dry well.”

“I didn’t hear anything…”

“I’m sorry. This surprised me as well. I wasn’t expecting you to keep your Onee-sama alive in the Dungeon.”

Meldiana clenched her back teeth.

“Onee-sama… How much longer can you put me down?!”

“But, don’t worry. When she dies, all of the saint’s power will be transferred to Mel via the sacred mark. You will be a true Saint!”

“Then hurry. We must kill Onee-sama!”

There was no other option.

Because there was no death penalty, the church was too lenient with punishment.

She, in particular, did not want the prolonged agony to be used as a form of punishment.

—She should have been tortured to death!

“I will direct the Church and the Royal Guards to assassinate Onee-sama! They will move if I tell them that if they do not act, the earth will be filled with curses.”

“Mel, I don’t think you should do that.”

Meldiana’s cheeks puffed out in irritation.

“Why? Are you on my side, or what?!”

“Of course, I support Mel, but did you know? A saint who loses her power is exterminated in this land—because the goddess’s power is more important than the saint’s”

“T-That’s not true. The Goddess would never let anything happen to the Saint.”

“No, the Goddess would—I wish that were true.”

The dark elf smiles subtly. Meldiana is bothered by this attitude.

“This is my recommendation. If you’re going to kill your sister, you should make sure no one knows your power has weakened.”

The dark elf had a valid point.

Meldiana couldn’t let anyone know that she was no longer perfect, even if it was only for a moment.

“Then, in secret, I’ll have a church knight eliminate her… that one will obey my commands without question if I, the Saint, tell him.”

Meldiana has a church knight who is loyal to her. If she can easily rouse that knight, he will come and kill Lysette.

“That’s great. We must now address our issue—bring out the sacred mark, please.”

Meldiana reluctantly opens her bosom to reveal her shoulders at the urging of the dark elf. On the lower part of the nape of the neck, there is a bruise-like red pattern.

The sacred mark

The dark elf’s fingertips make contact with the mark. A finger brushes against a sacred mark that no one is permitted to touch.


She yelps as something hot hits her.

“That’s it, that’s all.”

“W-Wait, what did you do?”

“I’ve made it possible for anyone nearby to channel their life force into the power of the Saint. You can now bless them.”

“Ara, that’s very clever!”

“Hehehe, my dear Saint, are you willing to sacrifice someone? Is that okay with you?”

“Ufufu, It will be their honor to serve me.”

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