A Serious Error in Chihaya-chan’s Reputation – Volume 2 – Chapter 5

𝐒𝐮𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐲 𝐑𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓: 𝐒𝐮𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐲 𝐑𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭

On the eve of the request, Chihaya prepared beverages, snacks, and survey-related books, along with summaries of how to use various apps, and connected to the All-Rounder.

The monitor lit up, reflecting the dark garage. From the somewhat dusty parking space of that garage, several mechs began to move at the same time as Chihaya’s All-Rounder.

As expected, they were headed to the same destination.

Leaving Koroge Iwa Garage, which is located in the hilly area, they headed north along an unmarked path.

Although no specific communication seemed to have been made, the mechs other than Chihaya naturally divided their roles and began to keep watch on the surroundings. They aimed their assault rifles in various directions and moved forward in unison.

Chihaya’s All-Rounder swiftly dashed past them as they moved as an impromptu team.

Group activities were not Chihaya’s strong suit. Aware of not having much experience, Chihaya maintained a distance from them, so as not to get in the way.

Upon leaving the sparsely wooded hilly area, the greenery gradually increased. While the trees of the New World were often tall and old as they remained untouched by human hands, the trees in this area were relatively short, similar to what you would find in the mountains of Japan.

Since Actanoids are about the same height as humans, even though the trees were low, the heads were still covered by branches and leaves. The thicket was dense, making it somewhat difficult for creatures with springy legs like the Leaf Sprinter to walk.

Chihaya stepped onto the pressure-sensitive mattress and hurriedly cut through to the destination. Thanks to the client having predetermined the route to avoid attacking participants by mistaking them for bandit Actors, it was a safe path.

Chihaya passed several teams of Actanoids moving in groups, ignoring them as she ran by.

There were Actanoids that aimed their guns at Chihaya, mistaking her for a bandti Actor, but Chihaya deliberately showed an amateurish running style, letting arms dangle, to indicate no hostility.

Since she didn’t aim a gun, she was judged not to be a robber Actor, and all Actanoids lowered their guns.

About fifteen hours after leaving Koroge Iwa Garage, and after taking breaks along the way, Chihaya’s All-Rounder arrived at the site, having sprinted all the way there alone.

The starting point of this request was the Red Bell Forest, which was discovered by the Amagi Agricultural Development General Group and registered for land ownership with the New World Resources Agency in the New World.

“Wow, it really is red. . . . . .”

Looking at the redness above in the main camera, Chihaya was impressed.

The densely packed trees with crimson leaves are the origin of the name Red Bell Forest.

The Red Bell tree discovered in the New World is an ever-red tree, not an evergreen, and its existence has been known for some time. It’s a species that has been studied on a small scale, with hopes of using it as an ornamental plant or natural dye.

This Red Bell tree is known for its rapid growth and high density, which means it’s less likely to warp, making it a potential quality building material.

The ones who took notice were a private clan called 『New World Tree Housing』, who enjoy unrestricted building in the New World.

They aim to secure a stable supply of timber by cutting and transporting the Red Bell trees from the newly discovered Red Bell Forest, and connecting a road to Koroge Iwa Garage.

Therefore, in collaboration with the Amagi Agricultural Development General Group, 『New World Tree Housing』 arrived at the decision to make this request.

Various Actanoids were already stationed at the on-site assembly point.

To shield from the rain, Chihaya also parked the All-Rounder under a vinyl sheet stretched between the Red Bells.

This Red Bell Forest is located in a massive depression, with high humidity, and prone to fog. Fog often conceals animals that may attack, hence the reason for gathering and parking here.

“Ah, ten more hours. . . . . .”

Chihaya, who ran through alone at nearly top speed, arrived much earlier than the requested start time.

Seeming to have time to sleep, Chihaya lays down on the sofa bed.

After setting the smartphone’s alarm and getting some sleep, Chihaya gets up an hour before the request start time, washes her face, finishes preparing, and stands on the pressure-sensitive mattress.

Okuma Kenichi, the representative of New World Tree Housing, calls out to everyone via voice chat.

The content is merely work-related communication and the allocation of individual working areas.

“A, Alright. Survey team. . . . . .”

Chihaya, relieved not to be called upon to deal with wild animals, heads to the assigned district with a smug smile.

The survey is still to come, so the assignment is vague.

This request involves selecting a transportation route, specifically looking for terrain suitable for moving logs.

Specifically, a gentle slope rising from the hollow where Red Bell Forest is, to the hill. From there to Koroge Iwa Garage, find a place where as little effort as possible is needed to clear a vast forest. Avoid areas where wild animals fiercely contest territories.

Furthermore, terrain conditions that can respond to an attack on the transport route are essential.

Avoid areas where one or both sides have sheer cliffs, as they would be unable to counter a surprise attack.

If machine guns are fired down unilaterally from above, resistance would be impossible. Since the transport route is fixed, attackers can prepare in advance.

Search for a route that meets these conditions and transports over the shortest possible distance.

“This might take a few days. . . . . .”

Though it doesn’t matter if it takes slightly longer since daily wages are properly paid, how breaks are taken should be considered.

Chihaya’s assigned area was out of Red Bell Forest, into the forest, and a little further in.

This area is mixed with Red Bells and other species of trees, but the trees near the Red Bells somehow look poor. Some substance from the Red Bells might be inhibiting growth.

“A, A squirrel. . . . . .”

A squirrel, seemingly bigger than Earth’s, was looking down at the All-Rounder, carefully holding a round red nut it seemed to have picked up somewhere.

“So cute.”

Melting into words at the cuteness, Chihaya begins the survey work while glancing at the squirrel now and then.

It was indeed a peaceful beginning to the request.

“This is fine, Fu-hehe.”

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