A Serious Error in Chihaya-chan’s Reputation – Volume 2 – Chapter 2

𝐏𝐫𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐫 𝐄𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐥

𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐: 𝐏𝐫𝐚𝐲𝐞𝐫 𝐄𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐥

Wondering if there might be a clan somewhere that handles requests peacefully, she searched while eating cold noodles.

The main job of an Actor is not fighting, but the development and investigation of the New World. Surely, there must be clans aiming for peaceful activities.

Reflecting on the month filled with combat requests, she had lost confidence, but the search brought up some peaceful clans.

Groups like 『New World Live』, which is a live-streaming group, or those who had previously requested scenic photos, like the 『Frontier Photoshoot』, and hobbyist groups like 『New World Tree Housing』, who aim to build various residences and secret bases in the New World, are around, with the vibe of clubs or hobby associations.

“Streaming is, impossible. . . . . .”

For the socially awkward Chihaya, speaking in front of a large number of people is difficult. Living without standing out or causing a fuss is the ideal, and the spotlight is too bright and more than just burns.

“Building, I don’t know. . . . . .”

Chihaya, a vocational school graduate, knows nothing about architecture. Not having gone to university, it would be a hindrance.

Still, the 『New World Tree Housing』 website is enjoyable to look at.

Currently, construction standards and laws don’t apply in the New World.

The New World’s climate data is not yet complete, and there are many gigantic creatures, and even battles between Actanoids. The facilities need to be fortified, and the existing construction laws and urban planning codes could easily be violated. Waiting for administrative permission would hinder the New World’s development.

For that reason, the buildings featured on 『New World Tree Housing』’s homepage were packed with unbridled dreams.

There were flashy buildings that made you think they were mistaking it for a sandbox game. The introductory texts, apparently considering convenience, seemed nothing more than an excuse for their hobby-driven approach.

The New World coordinates are also mentioned, and it includes general public access. It seems they can be used for sheltering from rain.

“Hehe, if there’s time, I might, visit.”

Chihaya, who can’t go wild due to character, unexpectedly liked watching people indulge in such hobbies.

“Hmm, photos, huh. . . . . .”

The only option was the 『Frontier Photoshoot』.

Not just a clan for photography, but also engaged in practical activities like surveying and map creation and sales in the New World.

Additionally, they don’t just take photos. They sell them online, convert them into 3D data for VR, and create content that allows a virtual experience of the New World.

Chihaya, who had surveying experience in vocational school, found the activities resonant.

However, the representative of this clan is a problematic person.

“Shikakama Goto-san, ugh. . . . . .”

A famous photographer but with a terrible reputation. Criticized publicly by associates for being a steel-mental natural psychopath with no ability to empathize, and disliked by eighty percent of the people he deals with.

Chihaya, who is socially awkward with little experience in human relationships, doesn’t think it would end well.

“Uwe~. . . . . .”

Opening the recruitment bulletin board to see if there was anything else, a warning in red was at the top. There seem to be bad quality clans exploiting novice Actors.

Many Actors are in financial straits, so there are those who trap the inexperienced. Chihaya, a faint-hearted person with $69,000 in large sums, would definitely fall prey.

Seeing such a warning makes it even harder to muster the courage to send an application email.

In the end, Chihaya closed the recruitment bulletin board.

At that moment, a new message came in on Actor’s Quest.

“. . . . . . It’s from Unison.”

It was a message from Unison Human-Machine Technology, a company I often have dealings with.

It was information about an Order-series Actanoid that Chihaya took down near the rare metal mining base the other day.

『From the target’s black box, it has been identified as an Order-series Actanoid 『Wild Blanket』 owned by Hachigi Technology. Hachigi Technology has already become unable to continue operations due to repeated losses of Actanoids, and has withdrawn from the New World business. Since Actanoids may be attacked by resentful Actors in accidents involving each other, we are reporting here.』

Reading blankly, Chihaya realized that it was Hachigi Technology, but upon seeing the word “attack,” she immediately ran to check the locks of her home.

“A, Alright, it’s safe.”

The home, a fortress and absolute defense zone for someone who practices social withdrawal. The defense was perfect.

There was more to the email from Unison Human-Machine Technology.

『We highly value your skills in combat against Actanoids. Therefore, we would like to hire you as a guard for the rare metal mining base. We are arranging for you to assume the position as the representative of our exclusive Actor clan at Unison Human-Machine Technology. We are waiting for your reply.』

It was a timely message, as she was looking for a clan that she could join.

However, the preliminary conditions were already not matching.

“I don’t want to fight. . . . . .”

Never did Chihaya think that, having been completely defeated in her job hunt, she would write a rejection email to a company, as she started looking for past rejection notices that could be used as reference for the content.

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