A former villainess who doesn’t want to see her husband again even if she were reborn – Chapter 1

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In my previous life, I was a very pretty girl.

Violet, daughter of the Marquis of Abel of Orwell.

My father was the Marquis of Abel, who had the largest domain in the country and the most powerful voice in the royal court.

The Orwellian Territory often gave the provinces of enclaves that were far from the royal capital to lower-ranking nobles who lived near them.

Among my father’s domains, the most remote one, Gilmore, was controlled by Baron Lindley, who had no domain, and he was his third son.

He was the third son of Baron Lindley. Although we were both noble, there was a clear difference between us.

From his point of view, there was no way he could refuse a marriage proposal from the Marquis of Abel.

Yes, in my previous life, he and I were married.

The story of how we became husband and wife is simple.

I, Violet, daughter of the Marquis of Abel, happened to be on vacation in a remote place and fell in love at first sight with the third son of Baron Lindley, a handsome and exciting young man whom I saw there.

Baron Lindley’s third son, Soleil, was an excellent man.

If he had not married Violet, he would have spent his whole life in the countryside and his talent would have remained buried.

In a good way or a bad way, Violet, the Marquess, was the only daughter of the Marquis of Aibel.

This meant that either I or my husband would be the heir to the Marquis family.

Soleil, the third son of Baron Lindley, was a very talented person. The Marquis of Abel, the King, and his ministers all saw his skills right away, and he became the heir to the Marquis of Abel.

Once Soleil and Abel got married, he was named the next Marquis of Abel. He was also a candidate to become the next important person in the royal castle.

It was love at first sight that forced us to marry, but after our marriage, we learned to love each other peacefully, had a son and a daughter, and lived happily ever after…

I wish it could have been like that…

It’s true he was a brilliant man.

He did a good job as the next Marquis and quickly rose in rank and popularity at the royal castle.

He really was a perfect son-in-law for the Marquis family…

And our marriage was going well.

I forced him to marry me, but he never complained about it.

He was always kind to me, a pushy and selfish Marquess, and treated me well as his wife.


A few years after our marriage, he became ill and died.

It wasn’t a serious illness.

It was just a mild cold.

But working at the royal castle day after day, working for the Marquis estate, overwork, and the stress of an unfamiliar environment…

His body was much weaker than he had expected.

One night, his condition suddenly changed, and he passed away.

When he was dying, he said.

“I’ll see you again. I’ll be born again.”

But I can’t see him.

Even if I am reincarnated like he said.


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